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Beauty Blender Liner Designer Mini Review & Tutorial

March 31, 2016
beautyblender liner.designer

I’m so excited to finally use a new makeup tool by BeautyBlender called liner.designer (, $16). It is a major game changer y’all. You can say goodbye to the days of winging your winged liner! And even your eyeshadow for that matter. The liner.designer is a triple-edged silicone guide to get the perfect winged liner using pencils, gels or liquid liners.

beauty blender liner.designer

What it comes with:

  1. A carrying case with a five times magnifying mirror and a suction cup that allows the compact to be placed on any hard surface.
  2. A mini guide with the following photos, describing its various uses:

how to liner.designer


My Favorite Uses For It:

  • Create a double wing. And if you love the Sophia Loren look, you can use the guide to create her signature look and draw a white line in between the double wings. This will also give the illusion of a more wide eye appearance.
  • Create a small flick in the inner corner of the eye that gives the illusion of a more feline eye shape.
  • When applying eye shadow – you no longer have to worry about the getting the placement right since you can choose exactly where you want your shadow to end. TIP: If you don’t want to have a clean line of product after using the guide, simply use a clean blending brush with a small amount of translucent powder and diffuse the edge.
  • Obsessed with a cut crease? You can hold the roundest part of the guide against your eyelid where you want to create the crease and apply a transitional color above it. Then, without using the guide, apply a darker color and create a gradient effect. This will require a little finesse, but I have faith in you!

Determining Where To Place It:

Don’t just wing the placement! As a general rule of thumb, when creating a cat-eye or winged liner, you want to imagine extending your lower lash line. So you want to place the guide under your lower lash line following that rule. I would say the hardest part is placing the guide in the same position on the second eye you’re working on. But as long as you follow the general rule, it’s pretty easy.

You may be thinking, “I can just use tape or anything with a straight edge, why would I waste money on this?” Well, I don’t think you always get the best results from tape (the tape may lift and distort your line without you knowing), and your skin is so delicate under your eyes. Plus, it will remove your makeup if you do your eyes after your face makeup. As far as using a business card or the like, who wants to hold that the entire time you’re doing your eye makeup? I prefer having both hands free. Not to mention, you may end up with an indentation on your skin from holding the card against it for so long. Which leads me to…

The best part about this tool is that it sticks to your skin, so you can apply your eyeliner or eyeshadow without worrying about holding the guide. Simply hold it in between your palms for a few seconds to warm it up and press it down onto your skin. Impressed? Check out how I used it to create the perfect wing and soft smoky eye using celebrity makeup artist, Amy Nadine’s, eye shadow palette:

Overall, this is a great tool for a reasonable price. I think that it’s most effective when using it 1) to create winged liner as I did in the video, and 2) aid in eyeshadow placement. The other uses are a bonus, but may require a bit more effort. Whether you struggle with eyeliner or not, I think that using this guide saves time and prevents some serious stress over trying to create an even winged liner. Are you intrigued to try it out? Let me know if you already have, and if you think it’s as useful as I do. And if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. xo Sarah

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