Best Jewelry For Layering That Won’t Tarnish

September 4, 2018


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A huge trend right now is layering necklaces. I’ve been layering necklaces since I was a teenager playing with all the beautiful gold jewelry my family would gift me from Iran. I think what’s so appealing about wearing multiple necklaces is that you can wear the most basic outfit and dramatically change your entire vibe. There is definitely a very vintage vibe that’s taking over the jewelry industry (and fashion!). Coin and medallion statement necklaces are everywhere as well as dainty pieces that are a match made in heaven. But to get that effortless, cool girl vibe, the trick is to wear the “perfect” layer of necklaces. And by perfect I mean anything you like!! There is no formula, but I def have some tips that will guide you in the decision making process. Before diving into some layering tips, let’s chat about a brand that I’m majorly crushing on and cannot stop wearing: Missoma London.

I kid you not, I get stopped on a daily basis to get the deets on my pieces from Missoma. Besides creating beautiful, timeless pieces, both understated and bold, the quality is amazing and doesn’t tarnish or turn green. One of my besties never takes off her gold-plated coin necklace (she even showers with it!) and it hasn’t turned – woop woop! They even offer a 1-year warranty that covers breakage or manufacturing defects (includes tarnishing). How often have you bought cheap jewelry with a 1-2 month shelf life? It’s kind of sad to think how much money I’ve wasted…who’s with me?? You do realize we could have easily bought a Gucci bag instead, right? Le sigh. Missoma’s pieces start around $100 so you’re not making a huge investment. Bottom line, think twice the next time you’re at Forever 21, H&M, Zara or wherever you get suckered into buying junk jewelry! Obviously, there are some exceptions, but I’m mostly referring to metal jewelry.


  1. Pick one statement necklace that will anchor the look and pair it with 1 or 2 more dainty pieces
  2. Pair necklaces with different weights to avoid issues with tangling.
  3. Choose necklaces that are adjustable.

Here are my favorite pieces from Missoma that I categorized by top and bottom (also middle) layer:



So I combined the middle and bottom layer if you choose to wear 3 layers because it’s as easy as clasping the middle necklace a little shorter the bottom layer a little longer (most likely the longest length possible). As long as there is a small distance between just two necklaces, you’re good.. Sometimes depending on the cut of your top/dress, it’s nice to layer necklaces closer together and they may overlap a bit (or completely). I love that look too!

Hope this helps! Like always, thanks for stopping by! xx Sarah

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