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Best of: Summer Woven Basket Bags

July 25, 2017


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Lately, I’ve been trying to transport you through my photos…is it working? Does it look like Los Angeles? I’m always on the search for hidden gems as I drive around LA with my blogger bestie. I like to challenge myself and not just shoot where it’s popular…I love charming buildings and homes the most. I’m also trying to manifest a vacation in my near future haha! It’s time ya’ll, it’s time.

Now onto the matter at hand: woven basket bags. They are everywhere and cuter than ever! I absolutely love this one from Serpui. The Toucan, palm trees, and pom poms give the bag so much character. I definitely think it’s the perfect Summer statement piece (along with tassel earrings! But let’s save that for a future blog post ;)). And I am really digging how this outfit came together…probably¬†my favorite Summer outfit thus far! I promise I wasn’t planning on dressing like a picnic but it just kind of happened. I aint mad at it – ya heard?!

Take a gander and let me know what you think…

best-summer-woven-basket-bagsbest-summer-woven-basket-bags best-summer-woven-basket-bags best-summer-woven-basket-bags best-summer-woven-basket-bags best-summer-woven-basket-bagsbest-summer-woven-basket-bagsbest-summer-woven-basket-bags best-summer-woven-basket-bags best-summer-woven-basket-bagsbest-summer-woven-basket-bagsbest-summer-woven-basket-bags

Lie to me Jerry! What kind of vibes are you feeling from these photos? Where did you get transported to?

I’ve also rounded some of my favorite woven bags, check them out:


As always, you guys rock. Thanks for stopping by, love you! xx Sarah

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