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October 13, 2017


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A few months ago I stumbled upon a clothing brand on Instagram called Chasing Unicorns, that made my heart skip a beat. There it was, a dreamy velvet jacket of my boho dreams (see here). I ventured onto their profile and fell in love with the vintage-inspired, timeless pieces sprinkled all over their page. And not to my surprise, it’s an Australian brand, where some of my favorite fashion brands originate. I quickly became a big admirer of the owner and designer, Sarah Humphrey. You can see her love and passion for creating pieces that are intended to stand the test of time…and be handed down from generation to generation. She often takes photos with her daughter, they are the sweetest images!

boho dressSarah lives by the motto, “buy less, choose well” as said by Vivienne Westwood. I couldn’t agree with her more. Just need my bank account to catch up with that philosophy haha. All her pieces are made from 100% silk or cotton and ethically made. I’m wearing one of her beautiful pieces in the photo above. I feel like it has my name written all over it. You know it’s a winner when you can’t walk more than 10 steps without being complimented! They also have a maxi version that’s just as beautiful (and more fitting for Fall!).

I encourage you to follow them on Instagram and check out their website, you will not be disappointed (they sell clothing for women, men, and children!). Please know that this post is in no way sponsored or something that I discussed with the brand. I just wanted to give some love to a brand that truly deserves it. Hope you fall in love with it too.

Like always, thank you for stopping by! You guys rock. xx Sarah

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