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ColourPop Cosmetics Lippie Stix Review

August 31, 2015

For the past several months, I’ve been crushing hard on ColourPop (Colour Pop) Cosmetics, especially their lipsticks which they call, Lippie Stix. Their line of beauty products include:

  • LIPS: lippie stix, ultra matte lip, and lippie pencils
  • EYES: shadows and pigments
  • CHEEKS: blush, bronzers, and highlighters

And with what seems like endless color options, who needs MAC? My favorite thing about ColourPop is that they never test on animals and they are made in Los Angeles. Cherry on top: they cost only $5-8! They also offer collections and include some cool collaborations with popular youtubers (Jamie Greenberg, Shaaanxo, Kathleen Lights).


They’re only sold online, which may seem like a buzz kill, especially when purchasing makeup. But don’t be discouraged, the website includes swatches of each product on 3 different skin tones: fair, medium and dark. Plus, they include reviews on each product page.

Let’s discuss lips, shall we?

Lippie Stix

The Lippie Stix come in 7 finishes:

  1. Creme (5)
  2. Sheer (8)
  3. Satin (15)
  4. Glossy (5)
  5. Hyper-glossy (6)
  6. Matte (26)
  7. Pearlized (2)

They come in a twist tube and have a slanted tip that makes application quick and easy.

I’ve worn each finish and they’re all extremely soft and moisturizing. With the exception of the Pearlized and Sheer finish, the lippies are very pigmented and can be worn with or without lip liner. Although, if you want to extend the life of your lipstick, I highly recommend that you not only line your lips but also fill them in with liner. If your lipstick fades the liner will remain because of its drier, more concentrated formula. Plus, it also prevents your lipstick from bleeding onto your skin. They also make a lip primer that should enhance the wear and appearance of their lip products; however, I haven’t tried it .

They just launched their Fall collection and I need Grunge and Poison in my life. My go to lippies of the moment are: Westie, Tootsi, Bound and BFF.

Bonus: They’ve taken the guess work out and made it super simple for us – each lippie has a matching lip liner. And they’re are sooooo good, I highly recommend them.

photo: batalash beauty


CREAM FINISH full coverage lipstick that leaves an ultra creamy feel and look on your lips.

My thoughts: A great moisture-rich formula, that is highly pigmented but feels lightweight. Perfect for those that aren’t a fan of a matte finish but want the bold look and coverage.


Sheer finish coverage, lightweight and comfortable on your lips, contains Organic Coconut Butter for lots of moisture and Vitamin E for protection.

My thoughts: Very soft and lightweight. Great for when you desire a more subtle lip and only want a wash of color (For example: when you have a heavy eye look and want your eyes to be the focus). Note that it’s not as sheer as other sheer lip products that you may be used to. Personally, that’s a plus because I’m not a fan of sheer lipsticks.


Full coverage, long wearing lipstick glides on smoothly with a hydrating feel & has a modern satin finish.

My thoughts: Initially, I couldn’t tell the difference between the satin and matte finish. I tested it out by wearing a matte lippie on one side and satin on the other. It felt and looked exactly the same. With further inspection, I noticed the satin finish has a very subtle sheen. Otherwise, the description is on point.


Medium-Full coverage, packed with moisture, feels extra creamy & buttery with a glossy finish.

My thoughts: 100% agree with their description. Great formula; very moisturizing. My favorite thing about this finish is that it’s not tacky or sticky. You can wear it alone or on top of lipstick with a perfect amount of shine.


Full coverage lipstick that packs high intensity pigment which melts onto your lips leaving tons of moisture and a glossy finish.

My thoughts: At first glance, I couldn’t tell what the difference was between this and the glossy finish. I thought it was gonna be more glossy. However, the hyper-glossy is different in that it is more pigmented. They’re really testing me here! No need to wear any lipstick with this one lovelies.


Full coverage, superrr long wearing, ultra-comfortable & seriously loaded with pigment in a matte finish.

My thoughts: Yasss I love these! If matte lipstick tends to dry out your lips, this one won’t. And it will last several hours. But like with most lipsticks, you’ll need to touch it up after eating. With 26 different colors, good luck choosing. At least they’re only $5!


CPC pearlized wet

My thoughts: The pearlized finish is new and there are only 2 colors so far. The one pictured above is called Wet and I only ordered it for this review. To my surprise, I really like the color. It can also be a cool look for a photo shoot, so in my kit it goes. Only thing is, it’s not as pigmented as the photo above which is from their website. I’m guessing they used lip liner to fill in the lips first because it has a more sheer finish.

Overall, I’m really impressed with their entire Lippie Stix collection. With the extensive selection of colors, great quality, and affordable prices, it’s a win win. And each order comes with a customized note that make you feel so special, great touch! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

xo Sarah

Just have fun. Smile. And keep putting on lipstick.


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    LOVE!!!!! Can’t wait to try this line!!!! Thank you for the info!!!!

    • Reply sarahnajafi August 31, 2015 at 8:37 pm

      You’re so welcome Melissa, enjoy!

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