Cooking or Baking Your Concealer

April 21, 2015

CONCEALER opening pic

Courtesy of social media, makeup has evolved tremendously in the last few years. Woman are now inspired by techniques popularized by the ever so fabulous drag queen. As I always say, makeup is meant to be fun, and if that’s your style, to each their own! However, I must point out that the goal of drag queen makeup is to create more feminine features, and if you’re already a woman, guess what? You don’t need to do that!

With that said, there are tips and tricks that we can learn from this new fad that may just change your makeup game. One of them in particular is known as “cooking” your makeup, and it is life changing. To “cook” your makeup means to let it sit on your face anywhere from 10-20 minutes so your own body heat melts the makeup into your skin. As the makeup oxidizes, it will change color and texture. The emollient ingredients will absorb into your skin leaving a more pigmented coverage to blend with. This results in a smoother, pore-less finish that lasts longer. If you struggle with concealer that creases no matter which product you use, cooking your makeup will end your undereye woes.

What you’ll need:

1. Concealer (NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, $28)

2. Beauty sponge (Beauty Blender, $19.95)

3. Triangle sponge (Foam Cosmetic Wedge, $1.74)

4. Loose setting powder (Laura Mercier Transluscent Loose Setting Powder, $37)

5. Powder brush (e.l.f. Studio Small Tapered Brush, $3)


Step 1: Apply Concealer

Apply concealer in a triangular shape as seen in the photo below. You can use your finger, concealer wand or brush, whatever you prefer.

CONCEALER how to properly apply concealer

photo: pinterest


Step 2: Blend

Using your moistened Beauty Blender (BB) in patting and rolling motions, really pack the product into the skin making sure that you have a seamless finish with no harsh lines. Let the product set for a minute or two (maybe define your eyebrows while you wait) and then once again use your BB to ensure that any fine lines or creases are blended out.


Step 3: Apply Powder

With your triangle sponge (or a dry BB), pick up a generous amount of loose setting powder, pack the product on top of the concealer. It will look strange, but be patient, it will look amazing.

FullSizeRender (1)

photo: instagram, @nikkietutorials


Step 4: Wait!

In my experience, 5 minutes is sufficient, but you can always move on to other parts of the face if you prefer to wait 10-20 minutes.


Step 5: Remove Excess Powder

Using your powder brush, remove any excess powder and voila, you have achieved creaseless concealer with some serious lasting power!


photo: instagram, @nikkietutorials

For my visual dolls, here is a demo by NikkieTutorials, whom I’m obsessed with. She is so talented and so fun to watch. Enjoy! xo





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