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Fall Trend Alert: Velvet

September 9, 2016

I know it’s hard to believe it’s almost Fall. I’m still over here trying to work on my New Year’s resolutions. I mean…I barely got a chance to lay poolside in my new bikini from Naked Wardrobe (that I’m utterly obsessed with btw). That reminds me, I only bought one new bikini? That alone says so much. I definitely need a few more hours in the day. But I always make time for you <insert cheesy ear-to-ear smile>.

So the time has come to start transitioning into cozy clothing for the dropping temperatures. And if you want to jump on it before the masses catch on, I’m here to tell you that velvet is hands down the most popular fabric for Fall. I realize that it’s an acquired taste, much like cilantro, you either despise it or can’t get enough. Personally, I love it, but I will say it’s much more difficult to find affordable options that appear rich and luxurious. And you can easily get carried away; less is definitely more (unless you’re rocking a pantsuit – so chic!). If you’re stumped on what to pair it with, velvet looks amazing with silk, lace, and leather. Or just amp up your jeans with a velvet blazer or heels, it’s that simple.

Per usual, I searched and searched to find you both high and low options, from block heel boots to bodysuits and bomber jackets. Sadly, there aren’t any low-end bag options yet, but I’m still on the hunt! Check out my finds below and let me know how you feel about velvet: love it or loathe it? xo Sarah

The ‘Fit’


The Shoes


The Bag

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