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LORAC Nude Necessities Palette Review & Swatches

February 2, 2016

New palette alert!! Lorac recently launched their new Spring collection, and it contains a new palette, the Nude Necessities Eye Shadow Palette. As a lover of soft glam, I couldn’t resist purchasing it. I already have both Lorac Pro Palettes, so I am very familiar with their highly pigmented, blendable, and buttery formula. My first impression of this product is that I am so pleasantly surprised that Lorac has created a product that lends itself to red carpet glamour and not Instagram trends. I can’t think of another eye shadow palette with such muted, nude colors. Usually, they contain a range of colors from light to dark so that you have the option to add drama. But the intention behind this palette is to allow you to create the no makeup, makeup look by lightly contouring your eyes with a range of shimmery highlighters and transitional bases (Placement of the transition shade is in and/or above your crease. It’s usually a soft brown shade that allows you to create a gradient effect and layer darker shades more seamlessly).

Unlike their other full sized palettes, this one features 12 shimmer and matte shadow shades:

Row 1:

  • White (matte)
  • Light Gold (shimmer)
  • Gold (shimmer)
  • Taupe (matte)

Row 2:

  • Light Nude (matte)
  • Cool Light Brown (shimmer)
  • Cool Taupe (matte)
  • Brown (shimmer)

Row 3:

  • Nude (shimmer)
  • Light Copper (shimmer)
  • Tan (matte)
  • Cool Brown (matte)

For a list of ingredients, click here. (Note: Lorac does not test on animals)

Here are swatches of each shade:

The palette is practically a steal priced at $30 (valued at $100) and comes with a sample size of their Pro-fiber or Cobra Mascara (exclusively sold at Ulta Beauty). One very cool feature about this palette is that the shadows are color-coordinated in each row in warm (row 1), cool (row 2), and neutral (row 3) tones. The arrangement of the shades takes out the guess work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix up the colors.

The packaging is made of a metallized plastic and is very different from the traditional cardboard with magnetic closure. It’s small and sleek with a mirror that is the size of the entire case, making it great for traveling.

Some reviews share the opinion that this palette is similar to the Lorac Unzipped and Unzipped Gold palettes. However, in my opinion, those palettes are more like the traditional palettes that I mentioned above, having a range of light to dark colors. The only similarity is the quality of the shadows – they’re highly pigmented, buttery, and easy to blend. Additionally, the other palettes don’t have nearly as many transitional matte shades.The Nude Necessities palette contains basically every soft transitional shade one can dream of. As a makeup artist, I find myself using light colors from several palettes to create softer looks. Now I don’t have to! Lastly, as I stated above, the packaging is so much more luxe than any other Lorac palette.

The Cons

  1. If you like drama, this is definitely not the palette for you. But remember, you can always add drama with false lashes (If you have trouble applying false lashes, check out my post that gives you a step-by-step guide). This palette is for someone who wants to highlight and add dimension to their eyes in a more subtle, soft way. Therefore, this is not the most versatile palette.
  2. The only other downside is that I’m not sure how well the matte brown and taupe shades will show up on darker complexions. More than likely you will need to apply a light eye primer or base first.


I think this can easily become your everyday go-to palette. The shades are on point, the formula is awesome, and it’s budget friendly! Let me know your thoughts! xo Sarah


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