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Rocksbox Review

October 31, 2015

Whether it’s dainty or statement pieces, when it comes to jewelry, I want it all. So I was really excited to try out a new monthly subscription called, Rocksbox. For $19 a month, you receive 3 pieces of designer jewelry on loan for as long as you desire. Each set is selected based on your style and specific requests and on average is worth $200. You can swap out your set any time you want. I’m sure you’re thinking that’s a lot of shipping & handling? Nope! Shipping is free both ways!

How It Works

After you create an account, you will first take a style survey and like many subscriptions, you’re asked to choose from different styles for different occasions – including clothes and shoes. This allows the stylists to get an idea of what you like. The entire process took less than a couple of minutes to complete. Then comes the fun part! You can view a jewelry gallery based on your style preferences and add items to your wish list. You also have the option of choosing items from their Instagram account by simply commenting on the picture with the hashtag #wishlist.

Here are some of the pieces from my gallery: 

So many pretty options, right?? If you scroll over each image, the designer of each piece will pop up, or you can click on any image to open a slideshow. I had a hard time choosing, especially since they offer jewelry from Melinda Maria and House of Harlow – LOVE! If you love a piece, you can keep it when you return your box and you’ll be billed the “Insider’s” price, which is less than the retail price. Essentially, you get to try before you buy! They’ve sweetened the deal even more by giving you $10 in Shine Spend towards each month’s purchase (Note: If you don’t use it, they do not accumulate). But if you refer a friend that becomes a member a.k.a. Shine Insider, you will get $25 in Forever Spend, which accumulates and does not expire.

Cleanliness Is Happiness

One very important question that I needed an in-depth answer to is: how do they sanitize the used pieces?? The germaphobe in me is pleased to inform you that they use standardized methods to sterilize and inspect every piece. They use medical grade alcohol wipe down on all pieces, not just earrings. They also buff and polish each piece to ensure that the luster and sparkle the designers intended for the piece is as bright ever.

Some other concerns I had…

  • What if you accidentally damage a piece? Your membership includes a small insurance fee to cover any normal wear of the product (lost earring back, a stone falls out, etc.).
  • What about allergies? Simply include any allergies in your style profile and they will not send you that type of jewelry.

My First Box

Less than a week after signing up, I received this cute box with 3 pieces of jewelry from my wish list (I initially chose more simple pieces): NEED TO ADD PICTURE OF BOX

Bonus For My Readers

Rockbox was nice enough to give my readers a one-month free subscription #TYSM! When creating your profile, simply enter the code, sarahnajafixo, at the bottom of the credit card information page. Once you hit enter, the next page will state that you have a one-month free subscription. And the fun begins! Just make sure to unsubscribe before the month ends if you’re no longer interested in remaining a member. I’m sure you won’t want to and instead will become hooked like I did!

xo Sarah

Dream big. Sparkle more. Shine Bright.


  • Reply Melissa October 31, 2015 at 5:48 am

    Love love this!! Can’t wait to try it out thanks GF!

  • Reply sarahnajafi November 2, 2015 at 8:45 pm

    Yay! Enjoy boo xoxo

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