How to Set Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

January 3, 2018

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Happy new year, my darlings!

It’s that time of year again, where we get to push the restart button. The magic of starting with a clean slate leaves you feeling like you can conquer the world. You write down your goals and are proud of yourself for taking the initiative. But then the inevitable happens and the follow-through seems impossible. The pressure is overwhelming, right? Where do you start? How do you keep up?

I’m here to tell you that you can start whenever you want AND it is possible but you need to keep a few things in mind. Cue the list!

What You Need to Know About New Year’s Resolutions

Write down what you want and be specific.

I promised myself this year, I will finally write down my goals. Every successful person says that this is a very powerful step in achieving your goals. I’ve always feared writing them because of the negative self-talk telling me, “You won’t be able to achieve it so why write it down? You’ll just feel stupid later because it won’t happen.” That stops now. So let’s do this together and see what comes of it!

Be realistic.

Often times, our resolutions or goals are unrealistic. We pretty much are setting ourselves up to fail. Start small! Ease your way into it, one step at a time. Going straight to the most common resolution…If you want to exercise more and have a weight goal in mind, don’t commit to some crazy workout routine 5-7 times a week. With time, work your way up. Be reasonable with your expectations!


Focus on one change at a time.

This is where timing messes with us. We think we need to start in January, or the beginning of a month, or on a Monday. You can start whenever you want. Tackle one goal at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed and quitting!

Google is your best friend!

Research how to achieve your particular goal. You have the most useful tool at your fingertips. One goal of mine, if you haven’t guessed it, is to start being kind to myself. I focus so much on being kind to others and am awful to myself. So through research, and the guidance of my husband, Amad, I know that meditation will help quiet my negative thoughts. I’m not a fan of meditation, but through trial and error, I’ll discover what works for me. On that note, if you use applications that you can recommend, please do tell!

how-to-set-realistic-new-years-resolutionsShare your goals!

Sharing your goals with friends, family, and social media is a very powerful motivator and will keep you on track. Basically, you don’t want to look bad in front of others. It holds you accountable and therefore more likely to accomplish your goals!

Remember, nothing good comes easy – you’re gonna have to work hard towards whatever it is you want. Know that I’m here for you, and if I can help in any way, it would be my pleasure. With that said, if you have any tools that can help me, please share them!

As always, thanks for stopping by. I truly want the best for you and hope that this year brings you all that you desire! xx Sarah


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