TBT: Concealer for your lips?

December 9, 2014

Blog Concealer on Lips

For over a decade now, I have been using concealer on my lips before applying lipliner or lipstick. In doing so, the concealer acts as a primer for lip color, making it last longer and the color truer, as well as creating an even-toned canvas to line lips in your desired shape. Wearing makeup enhances our God given features. Eyeliner can lift and open your eyes, while contouring the face will give you more prominent features. Why not do the same for your lips?! I definitely play with the shape of my lips depending on the color I choose to wear. With nude and lighter colors, I like to stay on the natural line of my lips. With darker colors, I like to play with the shape. I try to make my lips as narrow as possible on the outer corners. Conversely, I extend my cupid’s bow just a bit. This trick makes my lips look fuller and more narrow. This may not be your desired result (however, I urge you to try it!). Maybe you already have narrow lips and want to make them wider…using concealer to prep your lips will allow you to achieve this look more easily while making the overall look of your lips as natural as possible.

Blog Revlon Concealer Product Pic 2My concealer of choice you ask?? I suggest you use a concealer in a stick form vs. a cream (helps the lipstick/lipliner last longer). My go to is Revlon Photoready Concealer; it glides on smooth and isn’t chalky or drying. However, always moisturize lips with a lip balm before applying the concealer. As for color, it’s pretty simple, choose the same tone as your foundation.

Most importantly, always have fun with makeup! I’d love you hear back from you, comment below with any questions or thoughts!




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