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YouCam Makeup App Review

April 8, 2016
YouCam Makeup App Review

Pretty Snapchat filters step aside! There is a new beauty makeover app, called YouCam Makeup, that is about to step up your selfie game. In search of some cool makeup apps, I stumbled upon YouCam Makeup in the iTunes app store. My first impression was that it was completely cheesy and useless. That was until I tried it out. Essentially, it’s a digital makeup app that allows you to choose from what seems like hundreds of beauty products to create a virtual customized look. Think of it as makeup filters you can customize and layer, as well as photo enhancing options. And it lines up with your features perfectly.

Essentially, it’s a digital makeup app that allows you to choose from what seems like hundreds of beauty products to create a virtual customized look. And it’s so easy to use. You can either take a selfie or upload a picture. The app also allows you to apply complete looks before and after you take a photo, so you can play with different looks before choosing one. But there are additional options available after you take a picture. One great feature is that once you’re done creating your look, all your looks are saved as additional filters in a separate library that you can use again. It also allows you to view the details of the makeup you’ve applied as you go.

Editing Options Before You Take a Picture

When you open the app and click on “Makeup Cam”, the camera turns on and you can start applying the following makeup:

1 Eyelashes (Upper and Lower)

17 styles; 9 mascara color options

2 Eye Shadow

7 styles; endless color combos;a choice between matte or shimmer eye shadow

3 Eyeliner

18 styles; 9 color options

4 Lip Color

3 finishes: matte, semi-glossy, glossy; 46 shades

5 Blush

18 shades; 7 different placement options

6 10 preset makeup filters

You can also download additional filters which include celebrity signature looks, like Emma Roberts, Amy Adams. There are also costume style makeup filters you can add to your library of filters. And lastly there are filters for Fashion Week makeup trends.

Each category is frequently updated with new options.

Editing Options After You Take A Photo or When Uploading A Photo

After you’ve taken a photo or uploaded a picture, these are the additional editing options:

1 Mouth: teeth whitener; change lipstick shade with additional options including two-tone shade options and Elizabeth Arden lip colors that you can choose from and also purchase through the app

2 Face: Skin smoother, Foundation, Blush, Face paint, Face shape, Face contour, Blemish removal, and Shine removal

3 Eyes: Eye liner, Eyelashes (existing options plus large selection of Ardell Lashes), Eye shadow, Eyebrows, Eye color, Eye bag removal, Brighten, Eye enlarger, Double eyelid, Red-eye removal

4 Hair: Change the color (35 colors) and style (After choosing a style you can play with the shape of by dragging the “wig” in different directions to fit your face shape and add or take away volume. Although it seems like a cool feature, the hair styles are outdated and somewhat cheesy; however, it does give you a general idea how you would look with different hair styles.)

5 Accessories: Eyewear, Headband, Necklace, Earrings (As you will see below, these editing options are not as natural, although you may have fun trying them out.)

Time for the fun part! Check out some of the different looks I created and played with:

Amy Adams Filter

A few custom looks I created…

A more dramatic eye liner look

Shine Control + Skin Smoother + Ardell Wispies

Thicker Eyebrows + Contacts + Eye Bag Removal

Brown Hair

Purple Hair

Some features we can live without (not all!):

Glasses (I also tested if you could change the makeup on a photo you’ve already saved, and you can!)
Face paint + Face Contour + Nose Contour + Darker Foundation + Shine Removal
Hair Accessory + Jewelry

YouCam Makeup App Review

Here is a photo I took without any editing just using the “Makeup Cam”:

YouCam Makeup App Review

As you can see, before you edit the photo, there is a soft filter that smooths and evens out the skin tone. The app also has additional features, like a Beauty Social Network, reviewing makeup brands, a fashion guide, and makeup tutorials. I don’t find these features as intriguing or useful as the actual editing tools.

Overall, I think this is a VERY cool app. Did I mention that it’s free?! And it’s so user-friendly and you can create a look in just a few minutes. Tired of the same look? It’s perfect for testing out different looks to see what suits your features best. Not to mention, it can help you achieve the perfect selfie…whether you have on no makeup or you want to enhance your real makeup in a photo. Try it and please let me know what you think. Have fun! xo Sarah

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