October 18, 2019

I have a confession to make and it’s not pretty. Let me preface this by saying that I am very low maintenance and have no patience for a 10-step skincare routine. Several years back, out of sheer laziness, I started using hand soap to wash my face and Lubriderm hand + body lotion to moisturize (as well as an SPF, which is the one step I will never skip!). I can’t even wrap my head around why I thought that that was ok to do once, let alone for 2+ years. Clearly, there is no excuse. My pores were clogged, I was constantly breaking out and I had the nerve to wonder why.

After I started blogging and was lucky enough to be asked by brands to try out their products, naturally my skincare routine improved but was all over the place. I was using 5+ products a night and constantly rotating them. Three words, hot mess express. I realized that I have very sensitive skin and have to pay close attention to ingredients. Fast forward to the present, I am in a completely different place. I have simplified my routine and have switched to mostly clean beauty.

One of my new go-to places for all things beauty is Walmart. If you don’t know yet, they are kind of authority in the beauty space. I was so impressed to find that they recently launched a new skincare line called, Earth to Skin Beauty, which is not only all-natural but very affordable. It’s kind of hard to believe that every product is under $10!

They have 4 lines: Manuka Honey (calming), Super Greens (nourishing), Super Fruit (brightening) and Tea Time (anti-aging).





I started off with the Manuka Honey line because I have been hearing such amazing things about it. Manuka honey has an anti-inflammatory effect which is perfect for sensitive skin like mine. It is an antibacterial so it helps prevent acne breakouts and also balances the skin’s pH levels and maintains hydration. Give it all to me, please! If you want to try it, but not commit to the full size, they offer a starter kit that includes the Cleanser, Day Gel Cream, Royal Jelly Eye Cream, and Night Cream for only $9.99. Check it out here along with the other starter kits:

I am a firm believer that skincare should be affordable and accessible to everyone. I love that I can use products that are gentle on my skin, have amazing ingredients. and are almost the same price as my morning coffee!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed this post. xxSarah

This post was in partnership with Walmart, but all opinions were my own.

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