I’ve always wanted to work in an industry that allowed me to exercise my creative abilities. From a young age, I had a knack for fashion. How happy are you that I didn’t say “passion for fashion’?! I digress… In college, where I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, I realized that my friends and family put a great amount of weight on my opinion in regards to their wardrobe. It wasn’t until after…dare I say it…law school…hurts every time…Ok, where was I? Oh yes, after that I decided to change my career path and embrace my creative talents.

First stop…I worked with the most kind-hearted, hilarious & talented celebrity stylist. After only 4 months of assisting, I was asked to style a fashion spread for Genlux Magazine. Before I knew it, I couldn’t keep up with the job requests!

Second stop…I discovered what my true love is: personal styling. I had a major AH-HA moment. This was only a natural progression since what led me to styling as a career was helping friends and family shop and edit their wardrobe. To make someone look and feel their best is extremely gratifying.

Ok I’ll make this snappy, third stop…professional makeup certification. Being a makeup artist is so fun and gives me the same joy as personal styling. I’m a glam squad all in one! And I’m tooting my own horn, toot toot!

This is the point where I tell you what I do when I’m not styling or beautifying clients…love to eat & cook, huge fitness & health enthusiast, love to make people laugh! xo Sarah

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